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About us


The Szatmár-Régió Cooperative was founded in 2012 with the aim of producing vegetables and fruits with professional assistance of food industry specialists. Our mission is to to serve our clients with the best quality, at the right time and at competitive prices.


The cooperative is located in the eastern part of Hungary, Szatmár county, a region with a long tradition of vegetable and fruit production. Cooperative collection centers are situated next to vast producing areas, where our experts follow the development of the crops and supervise the harvest. We support the cooperative members with cultivation technology and expertise.


Our company has its own facility and logistics center in Hungary with multiple warehouses and dedicated cold stores, where the carefully controlled conditions guarantee the quality. Our flexible logistics solutions have made it possible for us to be a permanent supplier to several large food factories in Central and Western Europe.

Sustainable development

Our company is highly engaged in decreasing it's ecological footprint throughout it's operation. In our Operative Program for the next 7 years we dedicated our resources and our development plan for clean energy consumption. We introduced high capacity solar panel network to our cooling houses, and planning to swich to electric mobility in the comming years. On the production side every year we introduce new ecologically friendly plant treatments, and reduce spraying substancially in line with EU directives.

Our expertise


Gherkin is the cooperative's top selling item (cornichon). The annual production capacity is 5,000 tons. From May through the end of September, we can supply our manufacturing partners with pre-chilled products that have been sorted by size appropriately and set up for production.

Our variety selection is exceptionally large, and we prepare for the given season with the specified variety, meeting the exact needs of our clients. The most common types belong to the Kybria and Trilogy varieties. In terms of packaging, we can also deliver in sacks or container boxes.

Sour cherry

Our most important fruit is the fresh sour cherry. In the summer season, we deliver to our partners from the end of June to early August, in line with the ripening of the crop. We can sell with a capacity of 2,000 tons per year, to nearby regions without cooling, to more distant regions or to Western Europe with cooling. We cool the freshly picked cherries in our own state of the art express cold storage. Our range of varieties includes the large-fruited Érd and Újfehértó varieties.


We can serve our customers with a full range of peppers for canning use. The largest part of our turnover of 1000 tons per year is made up of the varieties used as raw materials for peppers in tomato sauce. In addition, we produce capia, and chili pepper varieties. On request, we can also deliver halved or quartered semi-finished products prepared for production.

Sweet potato

Our Cooperative has been growing sweet potatoes (batata) for several years. After the first experimental years, our employees gained a lot of practice in the field of cultivation technology. With the help of experts, our producers plant and take care of the sweet potato fields. We pay a lot of attention to proper post-harvest operations, so that consumers receive the highest quality sweet potatoes from us.

Sweet potatoes are sold to supermarkets after packaging, a smaller part of the production is prepared for food industry processing by peeling and cutting.

Other products


Taking advantage of the farming characteristics of the local region, our producers deliver exceptionally high-quality and tasty local fruits. Our selection includes different types of apples, pears, plums, and walnuts. With a storage capacity of more than 2,000 tons, we can provide the best storage conditions for the given fruit in our general, smartfresh and ULO refrigeration technology refrigerators. Based on an individual agreement, we carry out production preparation, such as peeling, slicing, or dicing.


We offer our customers a large selection of vegetables important to food processing plants. We deliver cabbages, root vegetables and beets based on individual agreements. We also carry out the winter storage, classification, and preparation for production of these products according to individual needs.

Pre processed products

Together with our local processing partner, our cooperative also deals with the cold preservation of vegetables, thereby creating the opportunity to serve our manufacturing partners with raw materials after the conventional season ends.

We produce semi-finished barreled products that integrates into the production process of canning factories or retailers. Main products are barreled gherkins, pepper, cabbage and beetroot products with lactic acid or acetic acid preservation.

Availability Calendars

Szatmár Régió Cooperative’s mission is to serve its food manufacturing partners with the highest standard raw materials. We are committed to the production and delivery of quality vegetables and fruits for the canning industry in Europe.

We serve our partners with delivery times and exact requested quantities that are adapted to production.

Throughout the growing season, our colleagues engage in a great deal of time to make sure the harvested crop reaches to the production company efficiently.

Our cold storage facilities and transport capacity enable optimal transport and storage of our harvest.



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